Pad & Point

Why open code of a program versus client tracker or other online ?
*You own all of your data – forever!
*You and your developer can create reports whereas online programs create a report for a fee which you can’t reuse later.
*You never have to upgrade or renew.
*Customer support is from your own personal developer who knows you and your needs.

How this is better than Acubase, Taomedic or Client Tracker?
* We tried calling Taomedic and Client Tracker and couldn’t get a person.
* You have your data forever and you can export it.
* Filemaker upgrades are optional and inexpensive.
* Update your inventory as vendors change their prices and you can enter expiration dates.
* Your developer can change the product for your needs.
* Your developer can create a report for you which you can run whenever you wish.
* Online companies charge per report designed.

Clinic to practitioner accounting programmed for:
*Room rent based on percentage or flat fee and/or
*Fee for service billing
*Split percentage income based on herbal sales
*Practitioner pricing for herbs bought at the clinic
*Practitioner license, NPI, EIN appear on invoices.

Clinic to staff relationship programmed for:
*Individual employee login
*Clock in and out and timecard storage
*Establish clinic perks per employee
*Employee pricing for herbs
*Staff signature on your pdf charts indicates witness present
*Reminder calls logsheet visible for all staff
*Inventory reports, expiration dates, vendor information

Clinic to patient relationship programmed for:
*Repeating appointments
*Multi-practitioner statements
*Statements separate total cost for treatments and total cost for supplements
*Invoice notes and herbal prescription notes
*Preferred room/preferred practitioner
*email invoices, appointments easily
*Trade for service accounting
*view previous herbal prescriptions

Clinic to billing staff:
*easy to email mva/pip insurance information
*easy to email individual invoices/statements/charts
*input your own diagnosis/procedure codes
*data can imported to officeally.

Practitioner benefits:

*Ipad allows for easy charting with already established wellness scales 1-10 and easy to tap Acupuncture point tabulations.

*Charting screen allows you to see previous and future appointments, invoices, and charts all at once for excellent MVA and PIP management.

*The patient’s main accounting screen shows the 10 most recent herbal prescriptions to allow you a quick reference for their refill needs.

Cost: $2500 for acupuncturists who belong to their state association.  $2700 for acupuncturists who are not members of their state association.