Our system is a rockin’ with the HCFA export to officeally as well as all of the email features which allow patient communication to rock.  My favorite is the herbal take home sheet which allows me to select herbs I have sold in the past and I easily select dosages and refilling information.  We call this the refrigerator sheet.

We are all ready for 1cd10 codes with just a simple exchange of data.

Next up – batch tracking for granular herbs for super FDA compliance!

Why filemaker?

Gonzo and I started working with a filemaker developer back in 2005 when our MediSoft license was getting ready to expire and we had to chose whether to fork over the dough for the next upgrade, or find something else.  We were very glad to find a developer who showed how data could be pulled together for anything, ie a patient’s year-end statement, an inventory’s soon-to expire list, patient’s who were families and didn’t need 5 address labels printed when we did a mailing, practitioner’s herbal sales and commission, and anything we wanted!

The program was finished in 2007, yet we found it was too slow.  The developer at that time recommended we switch from PC to MAC.  In 2009, we finally switched to apple, and asked the employees through the MAC store their recommendations.  They sent us to Len and Tamara Rubin, a husband and wife team who setup our network, hooked us up remotely from our home (since charting doesn’t end till midnight), and created a brand new program for us which is lighting fast.

The costs going into building the program are a lot, so to speak, which is why we would like to sell the open codes for a small fraction of the cost. We are hoping that a community of health care providers would then be paying for the overall build of the program.  Then, with any specific report you would like to pull, you can ask the developer of your choice to create that for you with your own special button on the screen so you can press it whenever you darn well please!